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Give Your Old Home A Holiday Makeover with A Few Touches of Paint
Posted on Tuesday, 6th December, 2016 at 2:25 PM 0 Comment

Being the 2nd most expensive area in Australia living cost in Melbourne can be pretty high for regular folks. While suburbs like Toorak, Canterbury Middle Park are always at the top of the most expensive list, there are few suburbs like Cranbourne or Bentleigh where you can get houses pricing around 350-400 AUD per week, which seem pretty affordable for families on a budget.


If you are in an unit of a small family, or a newly married couple looking for buying your first home, you may not consider buying or renting a gigantic living space. A small home with two bedroom or a renovated old house can be a decent choice for you. You may look around in the mid to low costing suburbs in Melbourne for your dream house.

Buying an Old House

While buying an old home can have some historic value, good neighbourhood, solid foundation, the perfect Australian dream of renovating it and making it your own can turn into a nightmare just with a few wrong steps. One of the most inexpensive ways to lift the appeal of the house is by painting. Never underestimate the power of a simple coat of paint! The old house you just bought in the semi-posh area, can achieve a completely redefined look just with a few interior and exterior painting touch-ups.

If you are buying an old house in a mid-ranged area like Cranbourne, you can simply consult with the professional house painting services in Cranbourne about the renovating and painting costs and other details.

What Can You Get with A Coat of Paint



The dull, gloomy, dark, mould filled interior of an old house can get the fresh, sexy, sleek look with sanding, plastering and finally PAINTING! Any home can get an airy new feel with clever and dramatic use of vibrant colour for interior painting. Choosing pastel colour schemes for painting can modernized the house in an instant.



Most old, historic buildings already have the advantage of a great looking exterior. Exterior painting on the outer walls gives you the freedom to add characteristic to your home. Now your home will feel cheery and welcoming instead of gothic and dark!



The kitchen and the bathrooms can be the most important sections of a house to some people. And for some reason these two areas get the most damaged over time. Painting the kitchen cabinets, shelves, kitchen tops, basins, old bathtubs, sinks, even the floor is possible now-a-days with the wide range of paints available on the market. And you won’t believe your eyes with what you will get after a few lick of paints!



Painting the doors, door nobs, frames, window frames will save you the money you will need to replace them with new ones. The old houses generally have stronger structures and good quality fitting if not modern. The old fittings are actually the things that gives the look it has. So instead of changing the fittings just paint them to get the desired look for your home!




Old houses tent to have a lot of passages, hallways, unnecessary nooks and corners. All these may seem waste of valuable place and give the home an unwanted look. But you can easily turn the dark scary hallways into something magical by painting them with dramatic colours. A brightly painted hallway with personal photographs and wall décors hanging from it is a great way to personalize the home.


Now the only things that’s left are the floors and ceilings. Use a few cans of paints here and there and your old home is not that old anymore!

Painting the house is the cheapest and easiest way of home improvement and renovating used by professional interior designers all over the world. Play it smart, don’t regret buying an old house in a cheaper price, turn it into an asset. Your newly renovated home with elegant historic look that takes bucks to buy now a days, will make everyone jealous.

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