3 Ways Paint Can Help Keep Your House in Good Condition

There’s no doubting the fact that painting your home has a lot of aesthetic value. A good paint job can be used to help create a mood in a particular room, ensuring that your home is a comfortable living space. Not to mention, a well painted house can make your home more appealing prospective buyers, thereby increasing it’s value.

But there are other practical benefits that come from painting your home and maintaining you paint work as well as you can. Let’s take a look at some of the ways paint can help keep your home in good nick.

Protection of surfaces

The exterior surface of your home has to withstand the elements, which at times can be quite harsh, particularly in Melbourne. We can have very warm summers where the sun beats down at very high temperatures, as well as having very cold and rainy winters. Even the wind can cause damage over the long run. Paint actually acts as a barrier between the the surface of your home and these harsh weather conditions, making it less likely that repairs will be needed down the track.

It can also ensure that the build up of dirt, grime and even mould does not eat into the surface of your home, which can reduce its structural integrity.

Anti-fire capabilities

Incredibly, some forms of paint can actually reduce the danger of a fire spreading in your house. Fire resistant paints, also known as intumescent coatings, are a passive fire protection measure that are well worth the investment, particularly with the ever-present threat of bush and house fires here in Australia. Obviously these products aren’t going to save your home from a fire, but they can form an important part of your fire safety measures in the house. We’d recommend asking a professional about this for more information, as this is still something of a developing technology.

Helps with pest control

Termites can obviously be a big problem for those with timber homes, particularly if you don’t know you have them. There are many different ways of dealing with them and generally if you recognise that you might have a termite problem early, you are usually able to deal with the situation without too much drama.

Painting and staining can have the effect of sealing off weaknesses and and areas that may be targeted by termites, reducing the chance of these pests making their way into your house. There are even termite-proof paint varieties that simply add another layer onto the surface to keep termites at bay. We’d highly recommend treating your timber for the best possible anti-termite strategy.

Lastly, it’s important to keep an eye on things yourself. If you keep a well-maintained and regularly painted home, you’re much more likely to notice possible infestations.

For the best results, residential and commercial painters recommend painting your home of building every few years, but if you maintain it well yourself or have a professional look after it for you, a paint job can last a lot longer. Speak to the team at Joyce Painting today for more information.

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