4 Accent Wall Options to Spice Up the Interior of Your Home

Heading into winter, people start spending more time in the house and many choose to give their interior a bit of an upgrade. There are many different ways to go about this, whether it be buying new furniture, adding decorative items around the room or slapping on a new coat of paint. If you’re feeling particularly creative you might even consider an accent, or feature wall, which can be an option in living rooms, lounge rooms and even bedrooms. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite feature wall options for each to give you a few ideas!

Headboard Feature Wall in the Bedroom

Headboard Feature Wall

We’ll start with the bedroom, which may not be the room that is most seen by visitors, but should still be decorated in a way that makes you comfortable and relaxed. A simple accent wall can do just that and add life to a bedroom that may have lost a bit of its charisma and character.

Generally bedrooms are set up in a way that the eyes are drawn to the wall the bed faces away from, so it makes sense to make this your feature wall. It can be as simple as painting it another colour, whether you do it yourself or have specialist house painter in Melbourne to sort it out for you. Usually you’l go for a warmer cooler than sticks out; red and blues can be a good place to start. Decorative items above the headboard can also help to balance the room out nicely.

Wood pallets

Feature wall with wood pallets

This is a great way to give any room in your home a rustic feel while providing a sense of visual interest that is sure to draw the eyes. Wood pallet accent walls look best when using a number of different shades of timber, create something of a messy look rather than keeping it overly structured and proper. We’ve seen than generally these look best in living rooms and TV rooms; hanging a plasma on a wood pallet feature wall is a great option.


feature wall with mirror

The use of mirrors can work particularly well in a dining room. Generally, we’d recommend setting up a mirror or mirrors facing towards a dinner table, particularly if the table is quite long. In much the same way as we discussed in the bedroom example, this has the effect of drawing the eyes and even making the room seem more spacious than it is.

Remember that you can get creative. We’ve seen the following work particularly well:

- Painting the feature wall a particularly striking colour with a large mirror
- Using multiple small mirrors on the same wall, whether it be two or more
- The entire wall as a mirror

Stone or Brick Accent Wall

Stone or Brick Accent Wall

Again you have the option to go rustic by using old stone pieces. Brick also create a particularly homely, calming feel that we’d highly recommend you consider. We’ve seen it work very well in modern homes, creating some sense of contrast that is quite memorable. When done well the stone or brick accent wall can be truly stunning.

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas to get started! Remember that it’s well worth doing your research; there are plenty of articles online that can help you get the job done. If you’re not confident when it comes to DIY, you can find house painters and decorators in Melbourne that can get the job done to the highest standard.

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