Decorate Your Home with Modern Wall Decals for the Perfect Finish

In recent years there has become a trend in interior decorating of incorporating wall decals as part of the decorating process. Not only have the popularity of wall decals exploded into the high street shops, but the choice of decals, size and quality also ranges hugely. Now that there seems to be an endless supply of high quality, classy and even fun wall decals, let’s look at some of the best uses for these decals and how to implement them into your home.

Kids Wall Decals

Some of the best uses for wall decals is to implement them into your kid’s bedrooms to give each room a little bit of personality and let the imagination run wild. As with many decorations that can be purchased for children, wall decals are no different. Expect to see Marvel super heroes, children’s television characters, as well as more traditional characters, shapes and designs.

For a truly classy children’s bedroom, why not opt for a stylish tree wall decal, and bring a little bit of nature into the room. Some of the best decals are simple yet effective, so go for bright colours, large shapes and curvy lines to bring out a little imagination in your little one.

Kids Wall Decals

Family Wall Decals and Romantic Bedroom Decals

There are wall decals for just about everything you can think of, and that includes for family rooms. The popularity of meaningful messages that run true in families seems to be a constant trend amongst interior designs, so you can always find wall decals that will express how important your family are, or even a family wall decal that helps to affirm an inspirational message.

The same can be said for a romantic bedroom wall decal, where curvy lines, decadent shapes and classy images can be placed on certain walls to bring a little romantic mood to the room overall. Try to avoid large figures of people or eyes that follow you around the room and you should be fine!

Family Wall Decals and Romantic Bedroom Decals

Girls Wall Decals

There is a wealth of different options for a bedroom when it comes to girls rooms. With many different decals tailored specifically for girls, with animated series character decals, as well as traditional shapes and designs that your girl might love.

From big cuddly teddy bears to a cute farm scene with rabbits and animals, you have so much to choose from, you are sure to find a wall decal that will truly transform your girls’ room into a place of inspiration as well as sanctuary.

Girls Wall Decals

Boys Wall Decals

From Spiderman to a jack in the box, you will find a whole swathe of different options for boys when it comes to wall decals that will go perfectly with just about any room colour possible.

Why not build a fort on a wall, or use wooden decal art to recreate a pirate ship? You can use a combination of small decals to create a large wall design, or simply purchase large designs to cover walls that may otherwise be unused.

Kitchen Wall Decals

The kitchen is a great place to put your all decals, as it is usually the one place that tends to keep a simple colour scheme with little to no colour in it. Everyone loves a nice clean, white kitchen, but for those who want to bring a bit of colour to the room often have to pay high prices to replace the kitchen cupboards or furniture. But with wall decals, you can even customise your design and get a design personalised for you.

Why not take your design to a wall decal maker and get them to cut the stencil out for you to use. This is a great way to customise the size of your decals, as well as ensure that it will fit in perfectly with your colour scheme and the size and shape of your kitchen specifically.

Bathroom Wall Decals

Wall decals on your bathroom walls are another great idea for those wishing to spruce up their bathroom with the minimum of costs. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to painting, and to get the perfect finish often requires a professional touch. With wall decals, you can create a luxurious Hawaiian beach spa in your very own home. Pick a theme and run with it! Choose something exotic such as a crystal clear beach or a tropical rain forest and turn your simple old bathroom into something absolutely spectacular.

Making the best use of space is easier said than done when it comes to redecorating your home. But with a few simple steps, a wall decal can turn a simple and emotionless room into an inspiring place for your children, a more romantic bedroom for you to enjoy, or a more inviting kitchen to start your day in the right mood. If you’re still unsure of how to proceed, contact a painting and decorating services provider and don’t be afraid to take some risks, with wall decals, your inspiration is your only limit!

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