Ideas To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Decorating is obviously very important when you’re setting up your living space, but this is not purely for cosmetic reasons. Not only does a well-decorated room create the right kind of atmosphere, it also helps you feel more comfortable and ultimately can make a room more livable. In addition to that, when used effectively, cleverly decorating a room can even make it seem much larger than it actually is. This is something homeowners need to think about! So here are some foolproof tricks that can make your room seem more spacious than it actually is.

Try Cooler Tones

As a general rule of thumb, cooler tones - like light blues, whites, and creams - are preferable to darker shades if you want to make your room seem larger. Not only do they make the best use of any light, they also make the walls visually feel further away than they are, creating more depth.

If you want a flawless touch, discuss it first with a local house painter.

Consider Going with Stripes

This is a trick well-known in fashion circles; when it comes to clothing, horizontal stripes make you seem wider and vertical stripes make you seem taller. Well, it’s no different when it comes to your home. Using a wallpaper or carpet with horizontal stripes will have the effect of making the room seem much longer than it is.

Innovative Bookshelf Ideas

If you are a book lover, then it’s most likely that you have a large collection of books. There are several amazing ways to set your bookshelf. Here is a two in one idea; use decorative bookshelves on the wall. This eliminates requirements for extra space and can add aesthetic value to your interior. You can also use the space under your stairs for a bookshelf with a nice sitting place or you can use the ceiling shelves as your bookshelf.

Mirrors Create Perfect Illusions

Strategically placing mirrors around a room is an effective way to have the room seem larger, and putting one directly opposite to a window can spread the light around the room. You can also set up a mirror at the end of the longest stretch of the room so that it reflects the largest space back.

Make the Ceiling Appear Higher

Low ceilings can subconsciously make people uncomfortable; nobody likes to feel like they’re in a confined space and studies even show that we think more clearly when in high-ceiling rooms. So, if you have a home with ceilings that are lower than you’d like, consider using paint colour or decorative elements to lessen this effect, or use wallpapers with vertical stripes.

You may also want to reduce the number of colour tones you use. If the ceiling and walls are of the same shade, it’s more difficult to sense the exact height of the ceiling. That said, often things that draw our eyes upwards can have the effect of making the room look taller - putting a mirror or wallpaper on the ceiling can be effective.

Be a Little Creative with Your Kids’ Bed

Luckily there are some pretty good ideas with beds that will definitely help you save some space. Let’s start with bunk beds. When you have more than one child, this is a good thing to consider. Bunk beds are perfect for creating a more spacious room.

Make the Best Use of Your Space

We all know how random clutter can make a room seem much smaller - more often than not, tidy rooms appear to be much bigger than they are. If you’re dealing with a small living space, first of all, you obviously want to keep it as clean as possible, but it can also be a good idea to buy furniture that has hidden compartments in which to store things. Whether it is a bed, coffee table or couch, this can have a huge effect

So, there you have it! There are plenty of other little tricks you can use to create more space in your living area, and these 7 will certainly make for a good start.

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