Paint with Inspiration for Your Children’s Bedrooms

Your children’s bedroom is always a fun, inspirational and cosy place for them to sleep, play and enjoy their childhood, so why not bring a little flair and panache to their playtimes and bedtimes by creating a fun and inspiring colour scheme to match. You do not have to be the next Pablo Picasso to create a fun look to your kid’s bedroom, with many stylish ideas to create the ultimate playroom experience in your home.

Stencils Can Add the Magic

Decoration with stencils

One of the easiest ways to paint your children’s bedroom with a little magic is by using stencils. Stencils are a great way to bring a layered painting technique that can incorporate different designs and shapes into a room and lighten up an otherwise bland appearance. You can pick up different shaped stencils from a local craft store, or have fun making them yourself with your children.

Film Characters That Come To Life

Many modern bedrooms employ a chic paint job that incorporates your children’s favourite movie or video game characters. While painting a large highly detailed scene from your children’s favourite movie may seem a little daunting at first, a little help can come in handy with the use of a projector to project the image of a character or scene onto a wall by which you simply paint over with the appropriate colours.

Disney or Pixar themes rooms have proven popular with many children thanks to the great success of the movie franchises they are from. Choosing a few characters from a movie such as Toy Story is a simple process, as well as making sure that the room’s other walls follow the colour scheme of the film itself, making a great example of a themed bedroom.

Decoration with film character

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For boys, a space themes room would look exceptionally cool if your son has a keen interest in becoming an astronaut, with the addition of a dark blue or black ceiling with painted glittery stars, as well as a star-themed night light, you are sure to inspire the next Neil Armstrong in your family. Sports themed rooms are also a great choice for boys, as adding the logos and colour schemes of his favourite team is a simple task.

Enchanted Forest Scenes Create Magic

For girls, why not decorate their bedroom with a beautiful enchanted forest scene that depicts some of the numerous characters featuring in the top movies or books for girls. Create a cosy scene of storytelling and magic with toadstools, trees and magic pathways leading around the room and incorporate furniture into the equation too with a little lick of paint.

Decoration with enchanted forest theme

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Decorative house painting in Melbourne has become a fine art, with many craft stores and paint shops available to pick up your stencils and paints to create your children’s dream bedroom. Why not incorporate added furniture into the mix and create something to inspire your children well into the wee hours at story time, and start their day off with a smile when they see their favourite characters truly come to life on their walls. If you want it to be perfect then you can consult with Joyce Painting, providing professional house painting service in Melbourne.

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