Problems that Arise from a Poor Paint Job

Painting your house can be an undertaking of art or a delineation of your lifestyle. So, even though it’s tempting to go with the least expensive service available, you should think twice, as this is often a trap! If you opt for cheap, unprofessional painting services, you will inevitably notice the common signs of low-quality painting. Sometimes these signs will be obvious immediately, but other times you may not see the evidence until months later.  

Below we have listed some problems that arise from a poor paint job.

Blister bubbles

Blistering primarily occurs in areas of the exterior of the house that are exposed to bright sunshine throughout the day. It starts to appear almost immediately after the first application of the first coat of the paint! Cracking of the paintwork can start the problem off, exposing a thinner undercoat to blister and making the crack in the paint more visible. Using lower quality paints which have less plasticity and capacity to adhere to the surface is what causes this problem.

Your painted walls have more wrinkles than grandma

This is another problem that you will notice pretty soon after the painting is done. After the second coat of paint, you will notice crooked lines and folds in snaky patterns. This mostly happens if the second coat is applied on top of the first coat without waiting for the first coat to dry properly. Adequate time must be taken in between the two coats to avoid wrinkles, but as factors such as humidity levels and room temperature affect how quickly a paint coat dries, unskilled painters often apply the second coat sooner they should.

Your painting doesn’t hold up against the weather

The weather has a significant effect on how long a painted surface will last, and a poor paint job will quickly start to look shabby. Temperature, perceptible movement in the air, humidity and precipitation can have substantial effects on your building. You will need to take into account the climate that the house is going to be exposed to and make sure the appropriate undercoat is applied. Low-quality painting services often fail to identify these conditions and choose the wrong type of paint for your exterior.

Peeling and crackling

A poor paint job can leave a disastrous look on painted surfaces, and peeling is the worst look of all. Water is mostly to blame when it comes to the excoriation, but the wrong choice of paint is another culprit. If the paint textures aren’t suitable for one another, paints lose their natural elasticity which results in peeling.

Further maintenance issues

Unskilled painters will often ignore underlining issues during a paint job that can eventually cause maintenance problems. For example, they may overlook the possibility of water leakage, which becomes a problem later on as it’s very difficult to solve once the painting is done. Water can play havoc on your wall and paint alike. You will need professional treatment to stop the leakage and redo the painting.

Careless painting also picks up dust particles very easily. This causes visible dust bubbles. Small air bubbles may start to appear all of a sudden. They pop from all over the painted surface and make it rough and scratchy. Again, the reason is the unskilled painting of surface coats.

If you face any of the above painting-related issues, make sure you hire a professional painter to solve them before further damage occurs.

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