Stunning Red Room Décor Ideas for Your Home

Just like fashion trends on the catwalks, the colours and fashions of home décor change with the seasons. But this season is special as it introduces one of the most vibrant and rich colours of the palette into our homes: Red. From bright Testarossa reds to terracotta and subtle hues of mixed colours, red is one of the most versatile colours to use when painting your home. The different shades are almost endless and you will end up with a stunningly vibrant room to enjoy.

Many people are aware of the psychology of colour and how it impacts on our mood and feelings. Many studies have shown that the colour of a room will add to the ambience and general feel of the surroundings, impacting on those who work or live within it. So choosing the right colour for your kitchen or bedroom may have dramatic effects.

Create Your Own Ambience with a Shade of Red

A bright, airy and light coloured kitchen may have the effect of being care-free and abundant with light, whilst painting a bedroom black may appeal to those who have trouble sleeping, but the overall feel and ambience of the room will change. Red is such a versatile colour that it can be applied to numerous rooms around your home to give a fantastic effect of mood and ambience.

Drawing room with shade of red

Depending on the shade of red you choose, you can create a different ambience and feeling in each room you decide to paint. Consult with the professional interior painters in your area and decide which shade of red suits your room the best. Red is one of the best colours to choose if you decide to two tone paint a wall, as it goes with just about any other lighter colour. Think whites and creams and you will have a stunning high-class look from just two simple colours.

Use Shades and Textures for A High Quality Finish

Shades and texture of red

Texture plays an important role in giving your final painting job the perfect finish. If you have decided on a particularly neutral colour, you can use colours such as red to liven up the room. Think of textures in the way of red furniture and red wall décor freezes to give your room an added dimension that may not have been there before.

Red in the Bedroom

Bedroom painted with red colour

Shades of red paint are important when it comes to red decorating ideas in the bedroom, as Red is a striking colour that may appear too bright for some people in a bedroom environment. So choosing a reasonable shade to allow you to get some sleep, whilst having a fiery and passionate backdrop to enjoy will be a tough balance to achieve.

Red in the Kitchen

Red kitchen paint is a great way to instil a little fiery passion into the kitchen and help your guests feel alert and ready to sample your best food. Use the paint to accent the main walls in your kitchen and you will have a great finish that doesn’t feel too overused. The best way to have red painted walls in your kitchen is to use a shade slightly darker than any other red in the kitchen to allow the walls not to stand out too much, and give you an overall classy finish.

Red colour kitchen

The best decorating ideas come from a certain inspiration that you might see around your home. Do take care to understand the structures in your home and the type of home you have before deciding on a colour scheme. Take into account the age of your home and the size of the rooms and you will be able to pick the perfect shade of red or any other colour to take advantage of the best colour palette that suits you, your home and the mood and ambience you wish to create.

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