The Psychology of Colour in Homes

It has been known for many years that different rooms of your home may hold different moods in the way each room makes you feel. Whilst many people believe it may be the décor that can give a room a certain look, it is most definitely the colour of a room that gives it the overall feel. Colour in the right place can give a room a vibrant splash of passion or a calming, peaceful feel to any room in your home. Quality house painters in Melbourne can advise you about colour but it always helps to have a few ideas of your own!

Choosing the right colour to paint your room will rely on a few different factors depending on your tastes. One of the most important things to note before you paint any room is what the room will be used for. Bedrooms and breakfast rooms generally benefit from subtle hues for many people, but if you prefer a more vibrant approach, rich, deeper tones can also bring out the same effect, depending on your personality.

Not Just Black And White

It is commonly known that painting a room white tends to give the appearance of extra space. This is because of how our eyes work in judging size and spaces. Because it is harder to see the lines of the walls where the walls meet, as well as the general shape of the room, our eyes tell us that the room appears larger, with a horizon further away.

Red colour drawing room

On the other hand, a darker room tends to give the feeling of a more enclosed space, where the corners of the room and the walls become more apparent, you will notice them more at the corners of your eyes and be fully aware of the smaller space you are sat in. For this reason, many people choose to paint their ceilings brighter colours and have a two-tone colour scheme with richer tones lower down.

Want To Relax? Think Pink!

In a study recently performed, it was found that the most relaxing colour tended to be a light shade of purple. The colour had the effect of calming people and showed signs that peoples heart rates lowered to a more relaxed level compared with those tested with other colours.

In fact, the colour pink proves this theory further, when a certain shade of bright pink had such scientific evidence backing it up that many prisons in the United States have painted their holding cells and uniforms in pink to help reduce stress and invoke calming behaviour.

Pink colour drawing room

It is thought that the wavelengths of certain lights have different effects on people in a number of studies. The colour red tends to put people in a sense of alertness or danger, possibly owing to its many uses as a sign of danger, not only in nature but also in the modern world. Blue and green also have calming effects, also being mother natures’ favourite colours allowing them to be used in many rooms around the home for a clean and fresh look.

Spice Up Your Bedroom, and Wake Up Naturally

So if you are after a little more passion in the bedroom, then a mellow but deep red is the perfect colour to go for. If you are after a colour that will help wake you up in the morning, choose a bright green or purple to help you out of a relaxing nights’ sleep.

Purple colpour bed room

Want your kids to concentrate more when they are doing their homework? Then choose a pale yellow to help them concentrate at the task at hand and you will set a whole new mood in your home that fits perfectly with your personality.

There are many factors that come into choosing the colours when painting your Melbourne home; we’ve just suggested a few. For further tips, feel free to give our professional team a call and find out how we can assist you.

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