Expert Industrial Painters in Melbourne

Industrial painting is far more specialised than standard house painting, and generally takes more time, requires more care and attention. If you require painting contractors in Melbourne specialising in industrial painting in a factory, warehouse or refinery, for instance, it’s highly likely that the surfaces are exposed to much harsher conditions than those on the outside of a home. Further, in some cases, the quality of coating can be a contributing factor in determining the level of protection that the structure has. This is obviously a very important consideration for anyone managing and operating an industrial company that wishes to remain profitable in the long run.

Considering that it is your place of business, you don’t want to be disturbed by a painting team that gets in your way and overstays their welcome. Unfortunately, it can happen, and it can potentially have serious implications for a company’s level of production and efficiency. People make mistakes; they take too long to get the work done, they can crowd the factory or facility, they can take short cuts and try to cover up errors.

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Industrial painter at work

That’s why it’s so important that you hire the services of professional commercial painters who understand your requirements and have the experience – and the resume – to back them up. At Joyce Painting and Building Services, we have completed a wide variety of commercial painting and our commitment to upholding an excellent standard for jobs large and small separates us from the rest. This is a family business that prides itself on its after-sales surface. This means that if you aren’t completely happy with the service we’ve provided, we want to know about it. We’ll do everything we can to remedy the problem, and we stand by the promise that we never leave a customer unhappy.

Safety is also a priority at Joyce Painting, particularly in commercial and industrial jobs. We are fully insured and have worked hundreds of jobs in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We are always taking every measure to ensure the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and your workers.

Whether you operate a factory, manufacturing plant, a dock or you’ve got machinery that requires a new coating, give us a call on 03 5940 0247 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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