Plasterers Melbourne

Reliable Plastering Services

For nearly 40 years, Joyce Painting and Building Services has been making buildings look great. Our team prides itself on bringing the same level of dedication to every job, regardless of how big or small it might be. Our skilled craftsmen choose from a broad array of techniques to renovate your space and specialise in all kinds of domestic and commercial plastering. We provide a range of services from decorative plaster to plaster cornices, lathe and plaster and plaster mouldings, so we’re sure to find the appropriate solution you’re after.
Plastering is a crucial step in restoring homes and other buildings, so make sure you speak to someone that promises the highest quality workmanship. Here are some of the services our plasterers provide in and around Melbourne.


Renovation: Dustless Sanding

Our expert plasterers can renovate an entire space using dustless sanding. Dustless sanding smooths and beautifies the walls of any domestic or commercial space. And because it’s “dustless”, you won’t even have to worry about a mess! Dustless sanders allow our plasterers to smooth even the hardest to reach wall corners and plaster ceilings.

Solid Plaster Repairs

Solid wall plaster looks great, butit’s very important to get on to the problem quickly if it starts to crack or crumble. Plastering a solid wall requires professional application and expert repair if you’re looking for a lasting solution. You want your plaster walls to look smooth and beautiful, not like they’ve been patched up. Speak to our hard plastering specialists and find out how we can give your wall the smooth look you’re after. Once the plaster is fixed, you can also hire painters through Joyce Painting and Building Services if required.

Removing and Replacing Insulation

As insulation technology improves, it becomes more and more energy efficient. Over time, insulation loses its effectiveness, making buildings more expensive to cool and heat. By replacing your insulation, you’re effectively saving energy and ultimately saving money for years to come. We also provide soundproofing services.

Removing and Replacing Plasterboard from Internal Walls

If your building has mould or water damage, you may need to replace the plasterboard. Plasterboard has many advantages, but once wet, it needs to be replaced. We promise to replace your plasterboard from the internal walls as quickly as possible and take the necessary measures to ensure we avoid damaging the structure in any way.

Removing and Replacing all Types of Cornices

Thinking your room needs a new look? Speak to our experts about our wide range of plaster cornices. Whether you want a more elegant look or you think your room needs a modern feel, we can provide you with the product that suits. We can use decorative plaster to improve every part of your dwelling, including mouldings, cornices, and walls.

Insurance Work

You’ll be pleased to know that we’re completely qualified to work insurance jobs after a disaster. Our plasterers know how to remedy damage due to flooding, fire, and other natural problems. Our promise is that we’ll work with you from the start to make your experience as stress-free as possible, helping you through each step of the process. Further, we provide fire-rated plaster services to prevent fire from spreading in your building. So call us on 03 5940 0247 and have a chat with the plasterers that Melbourne trust.