Trades & Services

Our Business

Has spent the last 15 years developing and refining its business methodologies and systems to ensure we could deliver the highest level of service and workmanship possible to our existing and future clients. What we achieved is a business that now has a team of skilled, professional, reliable, punctual and friendly Painters, Carpenters, Plasterers, Electricians & Plumbers. We have also developed an in-house system that enables our clients to rest easy in knowing that the trades people required to complete their job will all be streamlined through Joyce Painting & Building Services, giving our clients the advantage of only having to deal with one office, one point of contact and one bill.

This system has been very successful for us in the insurance industry over the last 7 years, enabling our business to grow and expand into new areas, thus giving our clients a broader range of trades

Our Research

Has shown that most people struggle to find one reputable business, let alone having to find all the other trades required to do their job, which is why we created this system.

Listed below is some information about our team of trades and what they specialize in:-

Accredited Painters

Our team of Dulux Accredited Painters have been painting for more than 30 years. They have painted Houses, Farms, Factories, Large Schools, Office Refurbishments, Communication Towers, Hospitals and are also licensed to operated machinery over 11 meters.They can also assist you with design and colour.


Our Carpenters are very skilled in all facets of building. They are also able to assist us with various design ideas along with all the required rules, regulations and permits to complete most jobs. They have built small extensions, Pergola's, Deck's, Fence's,  New Floors (Floating & Solid) as well as Heritage Listed repairs and or renovations including any structural changes required.


Our Plasterers are also very skilled in all types of plaster work. Small and large section including new insulation, ornate cornices including decorative mouldings, entire walls and ceilings, plasterboard and all solid plaster work.


Our Electricians are all fully licensed. They can do disconnects and reconnects of appliances and or light fittings, power points, New Homes and Offices, Electrical alterations as well updating Switchboards and Transformers.